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Writing Poetry

It’s easier than you think.  Finding inspiration or looking for that inner imagination is only a thought away.  What’s my inspiration?  Finding that out can be your first step.  Pick a topic.  Perhaps a hobby, your child, a sports team, the feeling that a person gives you or even just an insect walking by.  Really.  Motivation is everyway, recognizing it is key.



Try Reading Poetry

The best way to learn how to write poems is to familiarize yourself with poems.  You can find poems online on sites like Poetry.com or you can go to a nearby library to find a collection of poetry.



Style and Rhythm

Learn about rhythm and how it relates to poetry.  Understanding the vocabulary associated with poetry will help you to learn to write poetry and decipher meaning.  Some poems rhyme, other poems do not rhyme.  Learn how a poem flows, like a song and its beat.  



Thoughts on Paper

Write thoughts on paper.  Brainstorm.  Gather your thoughts, jot them down then puzzle them together.



Write your poem

Your poem is a combination of thoughts and sometimes emotion.  Determine whether you want your poem to rhyme or not.  Your poem does not have to be elaborate; your goal is to put the words together to accomplish the purpose of your poem.



Here are some sites that will give helpful information.

Net Poet Poetry America Poets for Hire

"Some people may say I’m not good at writing poetry or writing for that matter.  They say they do not know how to translate their thoughts onto paper.  So I challenge people to become their vision.  Having an idea of where you want to go is a great start.  Your vision is your faith or will to succeed in at least coming up with a topic.  Your thoughts are your thoughts.  Some may say what they’ve written sounds stupid or not good enough.  These thoughts shouldn’t just be tossed to the curve and forgotten.  You can improve, elaborate and illustrate those thoughts to fit your vision.  Becoming a writer is the marrying of your vision and your thoughts.  Believe it or not, it’s not as hard as one would think."